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Posing for Pics! (Left to right Jagger, Auna, Lacie and Kodi)


We do not have the energy to chase Finn anymore today! (Jagger, Lacie, Auna, Vita, Tessa and Finn)

Will somebody tell Tessa that I am not a horse! (Jagger and Tessa)


Strolling down the boulevard!
(Jagger and Denise)

Hanging with our favorite family friend!! (Left to right Lacie, Jagger, Auna with family friend, Benida)

Family Picture Day! (Jagger, Auna, Vita & Lacie)

Checking out the ducks! (Lacie)


Down at the old swimming hole! (Jagger & Lacie)





Getting ready for the playoffs! (Auna, Lacie & Jagger)




The whole team takes the field and the crowd goes wild!!














Football Season!




Road Trip!
(Jagger and Lacie)

Getting our exercise

Waiting on my ride! (Auna)

Girls just wanna have fun! (Lacie, Auna and Vita)


Was I really that little? (Auna)

Why do I always have to babysit?
(Jagger and Auna)

Kodi on patrol

Kodi and Lacie – Best Friends Forever!