Training is an important part of relationship building between you and your dog.  Dogs of all breeds are inherently pack animals and they look to the pack leader for guidance.  The training courses at Rocky Top Rottweilers can teach you the skills to become that leader which will allow you to set the boundaries and expectations that your pet is looking for from its pack leader.  In order for your pet to feel comfortable, it is important for your pet to build trust in you as its leader to teach them how to navigate both their home environment as well as any public environment that they may be exposed to in their everyday life.  With training your pet can be a wonderful, well behaved and well adjusted companion.

Rocky Top Rottweilers offers training for not only your Rottweiler pet for all breeds of dogs.  We know that a strong bond with a dog of any breed brings happiness to both the owner and the pet!  Nothing is quite as special as a loving and faithful pet friend!

In the training courses at Rocky Top Rottweilers we teach you the 4 principles of training and living with your pet.  Those 4 principles are:  Exercise, Boundaries, Consistency and Affection.  I have found through my years of training that every pet needs these four things to be well adjusted, happy and to feel confident in you and comfortable in its environment.

Please contact us by visiting our Contact Us page to discuss prices and arrange training for your pet.

Rocky Top Rottweilers offers the following training packages:

Basic Obedience Command Training:

  1. Basic Leadership Skills
  2. Basic Commands: Sit, Come, Stay, Down
  3. Basic Socialization Skills
  4. Leash Training


Intermediate Training:

  1. Advanced Leadership Skills
  2. Intermediate Commands:
  3. Intermediate Socialization Skills
  4. Individualized Training Activities


Comprehensive Training:

  1. Comprehensive Leadership Skills
  2. Advanced Commands
  3. Advanced Socialization Skills
  4. Individualized Comprehensive Training Program